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Beauty of the Messenger of Allah

Another reason people love one another is beauty; the heart becomes inclined towards anything beautiful. Mere words cannot describe the beauty of the Messenger of Allah. We are told in hadith:

Allah is beautiful and likes beauty.

A poet has penned the following verses:

Beauty itself boasts about the beauty of the Messenger
The beauty of galaxies is only the dust of your feet
O Caravan of the desirous! Walk barefoot towards Madinah
The thorns on your way are softer than flowers.

When Allah Himself likes beauty, we can only imagine how beautiful He would have made the one whom He chose as His beloved. Hadrat Anas said that the Messenger of Allah was the most handsome amongst all the prophets and that his hands were softer than silk.

My eye has not seen anything as beautiful as you,
No woman has ever borne anyone as beautiful as you,
Pure from imperfections, as if your features are of your own choosing

Hadrat Aishah Siddiqa is known to have said, “O Zulaikha, you only cut your fingers at seeing (Hadrat) Yusuf. Had you seen the Messenger of Allah, you would have cut open your heart.” She also said, “The sky has its sun, and we have our own sun.”

In yet another narration, we are told that Halima Sadia’s daughter Shima used to ask her mother to send her brother with her when she would go to tend the sheep. When asked why, Shima said to her mother, “I notice that the sheep graze quickly whenever my brother Muhammad is with me. The sheep then gather around where I sit with my brother, and both I and the sheep gaze at his beautiful face.”

Hadrat Qurtubi i said that Allah did not reveal His Messenger’s entire splendor because the people would not have been able to bear it.

How can the beauty of Yusuf ever compare to you?
He was the beloved of Zulaikha; you are the beloved of Allah
Veiled in the secret of humanity is your flawless beauty
Unknown to all that you are part of the beauty of Allah.

Moreover, Hadrat Syed Ata’ullah Shah Bukhari i said while describing the events of the Cave of Thaur – “O Abu Bakr, I see your lap as a desk and the Prophet’s face as the Holy Quran lying within. O Abu Bakr, I see you as a qari who is reading this Quran.”

One night, Hadrat Jabir entered the Mosque of the Prophet and found the Messenger of Allah sitting therein. The full moon was shining brightly, and Hadrat Jabir shifted his gaze to and fro between the moon and the Prophet’s beautiful face. He did this a few times as if comparing the two, and finally decided that the Messenger of Allah was far more beautiful than the moon. Furthermore, Hadrat Ali said:

Whoever laid but a glance upon the Messenger was awestruck; whoever looked upon him repeatedly was drowned in love and said in praise, ‘I have neither seen anything so awesome before nor will I see the like again.’

1) On the character of the Messenger of Allah, Hadrat Abu Sa’id Khudri said, “The Messenger of Allah was even more modest and shy than a veiled virgin girl.”

2) Before his acceptance of Islam, Hadrat Abdullah bin Salam traveled to meet the person who everyone was saying was a prophet of Allah. Upon relating the event later, he said:

I realized immediately upon seeing his face that it could not be the face of a liar. (Hadith)

3) Hadrat Musaab bin Umair was sitting in a gathering with his head bowed, envisioning the Messenger of Allah. He then raised his head and said, “The Messenger of Allah was of a beautiful complexion with a reddish hue, and his auspicious eyes were large and alluring. His eyelashes were prominent, and his hair was slightly wavy, while his beard was thick. His neck seemed to shimmer like silver, and the perspiration on his brow would glimmer like diamonds. His palms and the soles of his feet had ample flesh to them, and whenever he walked, it seemed as if he were descending from a height. He was of medium height, and the Seal of Prophethood was very prominent between his shoulders. People would be captivated at their first glance of the Prophet and would fall in love with him. The Messenger of Allah was the most generous of all and at the same time the most daring. He always kept his word with people and was the most truthful. He was the best in his social dealings with people and had the kindest nature of all. I have never met anyone like him nor will I meet anyone like him again.”

The idols of Azar are envious of your beautiful countenance
However much I praise your beauty, it is always beyond description
Traveling across the world, I fell in love with many a beautiful face
But nothing could ever compare to what I see in you.

The Prophet’s face used to shine like the full moon. There was a slight ruddiness to his fair complexion that added an air of elegance.

The Assembly of the Universe was first convened
You were then presented onto its stage
O leader of the first and the last! There is no being like unto you.
O Mustafa Mujtaba! Praising you is beyond my capability
My heart is too cowardly and my lips too fearful.

4) The Messenger’s eyebrows were not joined, and in between them was a vein that swelled whenever he would become angry. His hair was parted in the middle and was down to his earlobes.

5) The Messenger’s eyes were round and beautiful, and the thin red veins were very prominent in the whites of those eyes. His eyelashes were long and delicate, and people would not be able to turn their gaze from his face.

He would become more beautiful the more one gazed (Hadith)

6) Both sides of his face were symmetrical, and his teeth were slim and sharp. Light (nur) would shine through a gap between his two front teeth whenever he talked or smiled.

7) The Messenger’s nose used to shine radiantly, thus appearing more elevated than it was.

8) The Messenger’s thick beard beautified his face even more, and his slender neck used to shimmer like silver.

9) Hadrat Ali used to say that the Seal of Prophethood was between the Prophet’s shoulders and that he was the last of the Prophets.

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