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IP PBX Open Source rakitan lokal

Isi berita ini tentang Briker, Open Source IP PBX rakitan lokal (alias
komporannya kang Onno, dikerjain saya dan rekan2), versi terbarunya
rilis, yaitu versi 1.0.4.

— dari website briker.org —

Version 1.0.4 Released

Briker already installed in places geographically far from its support
team <http://www.briker. org/support> homebase, Jakarta, Indonesia. This
release marked the time for Briker to travel around countries.

Code name: Asia

The code name “Asia” come up on our mind after 1.0.4-rc3, right after
our short trip to Malaysia and Singapore where we helped companies to
use Briker as their phone system. On that trip, we received some email
stating that in Sri Lanka, a company or two also used Briker as their
phone system.

Below are highlights and changelog in Briker 1.0.4. If its too
technical, and you got bored reading it, please head on to download page
<http://www.briker. org/download> (http://www.briker. org/download) and
grab the lates ISO, a 202 MB ISO file for Pentium IV or compatible
(tested also with VIA Eden 1.2 GHz).


* Obviously, smaller ISO (at least 95 MB smaller than 1.0.3),
smaller installation (less than 512 MB disk space required)
* We are now listed as OpenVox Software Partners, we tested their
analog and digital cards, so far, no glitches experienced
* We’re interested on Sangoma USB FXO U100, and we tested them, the
device identified and configured by Briker and worked
* We modified Flash Operator Panel to suit our need, that is to make
it able to show 126 extensions, several trunks, conferences,
parking and queues
* A better conversation by removing echoes from it, we find it very
helpful to enable OSLEC as our line echo canceller
* Added Asternic Call Center Stats, helps management to view
statistics for calls come in to Briker’s Automatic Call
Distribution feature


Version 1.0.4 “Asia” – 090216

* [pbx] add briker-email2fax- on and off script
* [pbx] add briker-sangoma- on and off script (wanpipe is disabled by
* [pbx] add Sangoma wanpipe driver (tested only with U100)
* [pbx] add sendmail to enable receiving FAX to email and vice versa
* [pbx] add experimental email2fax utilities (disabled by default)
* [pbx] add php5-curl to enable lookup local prefixes
* [pbx] add lame, mpg123 and sox for Music On Hold
* [pbx] add support for codec speex and ilbc
* [pbx] add export/import extensions to/from csv file
* [pbx] add feature to add/del/edit extensions in bulk
* [pbx] add wakeup call feature
* [pbx] add Automatic Call Distribution statistics
* [pbx] add CDR View
* [pbx] add CDR (Call Detail Record), disabled by default
* [pbx] add OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller), enabled by default
* [pbx] set default bindaddr for H323 to
* [pbx] remove 2 asterisk modules, codec_zap and res_crypto
* [pbx] fixed operator panel to recognized Zap channels
* [pbx] fixed web auth, how features integrated and how cookies for
auth managed
* [pbx] upgrade to asterisk
* [pbx] upgrade operator panel up to 126 extensions
* [pbx] disable caller id detection by default on Zap channels
* [lin] add ‘wizard’ option for Briker installation with lots of
* [lin] add simple patcher, easier to patch Briker
* [lin] add cron, we thought its already in there and run on boot
* [lin] removed ‘check’ and ‘memtest’ options from installation menu
* [lin] removed many less important applications (more features,
smaller ISO)
* [lin] removed Simple Boot Manager
* [lin] set perl default locale to C
* [lin] unattended installation switched to reiserfs from ext3
* [lin] move mysqld and webmin to /var/opt
* [lin] re-compile lighttpd, place it on /var/opt
* [lin] change path from /tmp to /var/tmp hardcoded in files

Enjoy 🙂

anton raharja
VoIP Rakyat

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