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Research IT dana Internasional ….. Apply for an ISIF grant now!

ISIF Grant Program Invites Applicants
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Applications for the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) 2010
grant round are now open. Launched in 2008, the ISIF grant program aims
to stimulate creative solutions to ICT development needs in the Asia
Pacific region

The program provides grants of up to AUD 40,000 per project that help
advance local and regional initiatives that introduce, improve, and
apply Internet and other digital communications technologies for the
benefit of Asia-Pacific users and communities. This year’s round of
funding will benefit about 8 to 10 projects.

ISIF is a joint initiative between the Canadian International
Development Research Centre
(IDRC), the Internet Society (ISOC), and the
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). It is proudly sponsored
by the DotAsia Organization, the registry operator for the .ASIA
top-level domain.

The overwhelming success of the first round of applications reflects the
importance of technological innovation in today’s challenging market
circumstances, especially for developing economies.

Karen Rose, ISOC Director of Education and Programmes stated: “We
received many strong proposals from a diverse pool of applicants in the
inaugural year of the ISIF program. We hope to have similar success this
year, and strongly encourage new applicants to submit proposals for ISIF
funding, as well as revised submissions from applicants that were
unsuccessful last year.”

Project proposals from Asia Pacific-based public or private sector
, university, or research and development institutions and
non-government organizations will be considered. Applications must be
aligned with ISIF program objectives, selection criteria, and
administrative guidelines. For example, project results must be shared
as stated in the ISIF copyright and license scheme.   Individuals are
not eligible for grants.

“The ISIF grants program is a great opportunity for innovation in the
Asia Pacific. We hope that with the global Internet community facing the
prospect of IPv4 depletion in the next few years, some 2010 grant
applications will feature projects that assist the adoption of IPv6 in
the region,” said Paul Wilson, Director General of APNIC.

Applications for the 2010 grant round closes on 31 July 2009. Grants
will be made on a competitive basis and successful applicants will be
required to make project details, outcomes, and findings publicly

Complete information on the project and how to apply is available on the
ISIF website at http://www.isif.asia.

For more information:

Sylvia Cadena | ISIF Program Officer | info@isif.asia | http://www.isif. asia

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    я бы сказал не интересно, а разумно

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